Spirit Of Africa


Chrispen Mushaya



Event Organiser:

Tom Phiri




who we are Spirit Of Africa Townsville

We are the peak organisation for African communities in North Queensland. We are a not-for-profit organisation working towards uniting African communities irrespective of their ethnic, political, religious, national or regional backgrounds. We are committed to engaging and supporting our community organisations and individual members so all Africans are able to properly establish their lives here as fully participating members of Australian society. We started Spirit of Africa Townsville because we recognise that African Australians working collectively on the issues and opportunities we have in common and promoting our capacity and strengths to fully participate in North Queensland is the best way to build our communities. We are committed to ensuring we are all working together, using all our communities’ resources, best talents, skills and ideas to tackle common issues; taking advantage of our shared opportunities and fostering African Australian communities in North Queensland we can all be proud of, and take pleasure in how we have individually and collectively contributed in a positive manner. Our vision and strategic plan If you share our vision and goals, join us, raise your voice and hand to help Spirit of Africa achieve its vision and goals Spirit of Africa membership is open to all interested parties.


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